hao ran foundation

We grant the action of one with grand vision

The Hao Ran Foundation was established in 1978 in Taipei by Mr. Glyn T.H. Ing. The name Hao Ran was adapted from a quote by Mencius, the most famous Chinese thinker after Confucius, and is the essence of embodying action, integrity and selflessness. 

The Foundation is a memorial to
Mr. Ing’s father, Mr. Ing Zhu Fu,
a dedicated believer in taking action to facilitate positive change to the world.

The Foundation started its branch in the U.S. in February 1999, extending its dedication to the international community and promoting global thought through innovation and cultural exchange. Since its inception, the Foundation has been committed to awarding cultural and educational experiences, promoting cultural and professional exchanges, and contributing to society via humanities, arts, technology, environmental protection and charity. 

Hao Ran provides social responsibility workshops, training and exchange programs that bring together people from around the world. By promoting lifelong learning opportunities through grants and scholarships, Hao Ran empowers committed individuals to be active participants in our interdependent global society.