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Joining a Cause, Causing Change

Hao Ran has long devoted itself to human resource training. With the International Volunteer Program, Hao Ran seeks to foster partnerships with organizations in Asia and around the world, supporting the mobilization of communities to participate in sustainable development.

Each year since 2007, the Foundation has offered volunteers from Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Mainland China the opportunity to contribute to social initiatives and, thus, take part in the construction of an equitable and sustainable society, both with grassroots organizations as well as international non-profit organizations. Hence, Hao Ran works together with various non-profit organizations and social movements as a means to encourage exchange of not only pragmatic and hands-on experiences, but also of discursive and reflective thoughts.

This program provides an invaluable learning experience for socially-committed people seeking hands-on experience in international development.

The Foundation seeks to recruit people from a variety of disciplines to participate in an overseas placement in one of our non-profit organizations. 

The Foundation offers placements in various streams:

• Community organization
• Governance
• Education
• Sustainable Agriculture
• Environment
• Human rights
• Social economy
• Gender equity

For more information of our international program and criteria, please see our Admissibility criteria and FAQ.

You can see the progress of our volunteer’s program and their experience at the Volunteer's Blog here.