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Protecting Human Rights Across Borders

Human trafficking is a serious human rights offense and a very real problem in Southeast Asia. Victims of inbound human trafficking to Taiwan come from China and a number of Southeast Asian countries (Vietnam, Indonesia, Cambodia, Thailand, and Philippines). There is also a small trade of Taiwanese women being trafficked to Japan or the United States.

Since 2009, Hao Ran Foundation has sought to link domestic and foreign organizations concerned with human trafficking issues to provide services to victims of human trafficking, initiate related research surveys, and assist in organizing immigrant / migrant workers to become self-reliant.

Hao Ran has supported and cooperated with several domestic and international organizations:

• New Immigrants Labor Rights Association
• Nantou County Livelihood Reconstruction Association
• Stella Maris International Service Center
• Juridical Association for the development of Women's Right in Pingtung
• Hualien County Nou-Li InterCommunity Association
• Juridical Association Elder in Hualien County and Family is Concerned with Association
• Taipei Women's Rescue Foundation
• Asia Pacific Mission for Migrants [APMM]
• Good Shepherd Social Welfare Services

The project focuses on sheltering victims of human trafficking, case collection, advocacy initiative, policy monitoring, education and training, and providing consultant services for new immigrant families. Hao Ran’s associate organizations employ immigrant / migrant workers in an important third-party role to communicate with displaced people of same nationality. Employing these workers comforts other victims by allowing them a contact in their own language and culture, makes it easier to help execute interview plans, casework and advocacy tasks, and helps explore the current status of human trafficking in Taiwan.

Through research with associate organizations on human trafficking, Hao Ran also hosts workshops and training sessions with partner organizations to share each other’s experience and work progress to better understand the current status of the project, explore solutions and provide education and training.

Hao Ran Foundation and our partners have now been working for two years, seeking to establish a positive cycle of education and understanding through case study and field research.

A few important points that we are focusing on:

• Discover / recognize victims of trafficking.
• Raise awareness about human trafficking and enhance victim awareness.
• Find solutions to problems of ill-treated Immigrant / migrant workers and improve their
  working and living conditions.
• Implement plans through organizations and groups to place restrictions on migrant
  workers’ labor conditions.
• Monitor domestic policy; strive to amend laws for greater protection.
• Promote international initiatives and awareness.
• Organize and engage in prevention of trafficking with partners.