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Integrating Culture and Education

Hao Ran Foundation is proud to support or initiate publishing efforts that document culture or contribute to educational enrichment. Here is a list of Hao Ran-sponsored publications.

Tan Nan Elementary Project Publications

As part of the rebuilding project at Tan Nan Elementary School, Hao Ran Foundation helped to produce this series of texts to help retain the Bunnun culture by allowing it to be integrated into school and community education programs. These books play an integral role in the Project’s goal of inflecting Tan Nan area education with local history and culture.


Book Name : Plant Alchemy                 


This text describes many uses of Taiwan’s indigenous plants, from the health benefits of naturally dyed textiles, to pest control and anti-bacterial remedies. In the course of our daily lives we encounter many readily available vegetable dyes that are easy to use. This book has chosen over ten different kinds of plants that can be easily found and useful to produce natural and colorful dyes. Use this resourceful guide to teach yourself a number of easy DIY techniques using all natural products.


Book Name : Tribal Forest Notes      

The Bunun Tribe’s close relationship with nature has produced a profusion of knowledge of the fertile, beautiful habitats around its village. Through the wisdom and insight of the Tribe’s elders and hunters, this book introduces the harmony in which the Bunun people live with nature. This will be a valuable reference for future generations, as tribal traditions continue to grow in new and different directions or become less common. Colorful pictures and depictions of daily life help readers understand the wide variety of forest plants, insects, birds and other flora and fauna that help shape Bunun life.


Book Name : Grandmother’s Weaving Box      

Designed for Bunun children, this book uses a blend of traditional songs and historical articles in both Bunun dialect and Chinese to describe Bunun clothing and weaving skills. Supplemented with fascinating snippets of mythology and history, each unit explores one of the many skills that make up Bunun textile production, including dyeing, weaving, knitting, design and jewelry making.


Book Name : The New Home of Bunnun Children ba hin and qa vu tadh

As told by brothers ba hin and qa vu tadh, this is the story of a Bunun family that decides to relocate and build a new house. In the course of retelling the story of the building of their new house, the book introduced the steps involved in building a traditional Bunun house. This book is rich in descriptive detail and includes information about collecting building materials from the forest, the appearance of the house and the significance of each part of the house. This book provides complete portrait of the process and significance of building a traditional Bunun home.


Book Name : Tribal House Revival                       

In the two years following the 921 earthquake in 1999, rebuilding efforts in many parts of Taiwan took different approaches. This is a record of the conditions in the Bunun village and reconstruction efforts made following the disaster. During the rebuilding much consideration was given to traditional building practices and rituals versus more modernized practices. This text is sociological and anthropological as much as it is architectural, with ample focus on the Tribe’s efforts to preserve tradition and culture.