hao ran foundation

We grant the action of one with grand vision


Initiating Positive Change

In addition to funding and helping to staff external projects, Hao Ran Foundation also continues to operate its own programs. Some situations call for more than donations and volunteers, and, in those cases, Hao Ran is willing to invest the time and manpower necessary to see a cause through.


In recent years, Hao Ran has initiated four major projects. Most recently, the Foundation united a number of organizations in the on-going Human Rights Project, which seeks to raise awareness of human trafficking and also providing support and consulting service to both the victims of trafficking and civil organizations that is concern with the topic in Taiwan.


The Small Farm Rehabilitation Project, another on-going effort, was conceived in the aftermath of Typhoon Morakot in 2009 and helped farmers in rebuilding areas find a sustainable balance between their livelihood and the local environments they depend on.


Following Taiwan’s 921 earthquake, Hao Ran and its partners rebuilt the Tan Nan Elementary School and published an accompanying series of texts that preserve many traditional techniques of the local Bunun Tribe.