hao ran foundation

We grant the action of one with grand vision

Initiated in 2007, the International Volunteer Program of the Alter-globalist Movement initiated by Hao Ran Foundation has sponsored more than 90 young enthusiasts from Taiwan, Hong Kong and Mainland China to work with partnership organizations around the world, in the hope of a network of civil societies would be thus established to create another world possible with equality and justice.

In order to outreach what has been accomplished for the previous six years by extending the influence of the Project, the second phase of the Foundation’s approach as part of the Alter-globalist Movement sets in supporting collaboration and cooperation among organizations of the third sector in Taiwan and international development community. Hao Ran Global Partnership Grant is consequently launched to embark upon this mission. We expect, with the outcome of consolidating the international networks, these granted organizations will take the role as change agents by implementing further possibilities of dialog, debate and practice in Taiwan.

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